Located in Irishtown on the Medieval Mile in Kilkennys centre, our cookery school is a state of the art contemporary spaced designed to inspire the ‘Wille Wonka’ in us all. Classes are hands ON and relaxed but expect to be challenged whatever your level.



Fancy trying your hand at the fancy stuff!

Join the professionals at Cakeface and learn some tricks of the trade.

This course is designed to show students how to take something complicated and make it simple. Laura & Rory will demonstrate how to make delicate macarons with festive filling and then it’s over to you to create your own under their guidance.


This class consists of demonstration, tasting and a hands-on element, culminating in delicious treats for you to take home.

Duration: 3 hrs
Cost: €80

Date: 17/12/21 (fri) 6-9pm

Date: 18/12/21 (Sat 2-5pm)

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Cakeface Cookery School_0007_Cakeface October 144
Cakeface Cookery School_0006_Cakeface October 172
Cakeface Cookery School_0003_Cakeface October 045
Cakeface Cookery School_0003_Cakeface October 045
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The fine print


We take coffee very seriously here at CakeFace, our cafes carry a selection to rival that of the finest wine cellars, truly a coffee lovers paradise. This year we’ve begun to roast our own coffee in Kilkenny.


9:30 to 17:00 Mon – Sun


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