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  • Face2 | Face Kilkenny | Brunch


    Our sister store, Face2, is Kilkenny’s newest and coolest brunch destination. From Overnight Oats to Pancakes, Grilled Cheese Sambos to Bean Bowls, the menu satisfies both the healthy and indulgent days! Furthermore, coffee is taken very seriously at Face2 ; with a selection to rival that of the finest wine cellars, this is truly a coffee lovers …

  • Simple Shortbread

    Ingredients (g) Plain Flour 200 Unsalted Butter 150 Sugar 2 tbsp Optional Extras Zest of half a lemon/orange, poppy seeds, cinnamon, chocolate chips   1.Cut the butter into cubes 2.Sieve the flour 3.Add sugar to the butter 4.With a wooden spoon or using the paddle attachment on your mixer, beat until its light & fluffy …

  • Untraditional Mince Pie

    Untraditional Mince Pie

  • Salted Caramel

      Download Recipe  Ingredients (g) Cream 220 Sugar 300 Glucose 60 Salt/Sea Salt 7.5   Warm up the cream Gradually caramalise the sugar and glucose Once all the sugar is dissolved and the sugar is a caramel colour, slowly deglaze with a small amount of cream Add the rest of the cream little by little …

  • Honeycomb

     Download Recipe INGREDIENTS (g) Sugar 200 Golden Syrup 60 Glucose syrup 200 Bicarbonate 20   Place the sugar, golden syrup and glucose in a large saucepan On a medium heat, allow everything to dissolve Oil a large stainless steel bowl Cook slowly to 170 degrees Sieve the bicarbonate When the sugars have reached 169 degrees …

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    Jaffa Orange

     Download Recipe  Jaffa Orange Mousse This is a basic plain chocolate mousse recipe which can be flavoured by adding orange zest or mint. We set the mousse into a dome-shaped silicone mould, but you can use a silicone muffin mould or pipe into a decorative wine or champagne glass and serve with the shortbread on …

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